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Educational Links

Warren Buffet's Website For Children Timely messages for children relating to financial education.

The Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) - described as the "ultimate field guide" - is to encompass all six kingdoms of life, and even viruses - which many researchers do not consider to be living organisms.

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

Identity Theft and Identity Fraud Victim Assistance Guide

Project Gutenberg: has over three thousand public domain books available which include classics from the start of this century and previous centuries from authors like Shakespeare, Poe, Dante and well-loved favorites like the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the Tarzan books of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Alice in Wonderland and much more. These "Etexts" are available in ASCII, or plain text format.

Some really good do it yourself security information to know at Home Security Metal Products.

Think you are being scammed on the telephone? Canadians who receive any telephone call believed to be fraudulent can report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or

The CTRC suggests that, prior to reporting the suspected call, that you record:

  • The telephone number at which you received the telemarketing call.
  • The telephone number and name of the telemarketer that appeared on the ID caller screen or that the person gave you over the phone.
  • The date of the call.
  • The exact time of the call as it appeared on the caller ID screen if you have this feature.
  • Whether the complaint relates to a fax, residential, or business number.
  • Any other information that you have about the call.

Windows Secrets Sign up for this award winning e-newsletter. You will see how to get lots more from your computer hardware, software and time on-line.

A Science Search Engine that focuses only on web sites with scientific content, drawn from thousands of journals and books, Scirus is a hybrid search engine that's useful to amateur and professional alike.

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